Rebecca Ore

: Relationship and Anxiety Coach

Expert Overview

I coach women who want to feel at peace, confident, and secure within their relationships.

Our relationships are arguably the most meaningful and important things in our lives – whether they’re relationships with friends, family members, co-workers, or romantic partners.

But anxiety, fear of rejection, and self-doubt often stands in the way of us creating the kind of connections we really want.

During our sessions, we’ll not only work on your issues with the people in your life, but most importantly, on your relationship with yourself - so that you can trust you will have your own back and be your own best friend, no matter what anyone else does or says.

I know these tools work because they’ve allowed me to transform not only the way I view myself, but my experience within my relationships.

We all have the power within us to create the relationships we truly desire, we just have to realize that the only thing standing in our way is our own minds.

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