Renée G. Pardo, Esq.

: Attorney Life Coach

Expert Overview

Renée helps women attorneys who are struggling with  over eating, drinking and spending, stop doing those compulsive behaviors against their own interest, so that they can take back control over their lives.

Work with Me

If you are looking for a coach who understands exactly what kind of pressure you are under every day, be it in court or in your office dealing with clients, or the bench and bar, look no further.  Renée was a successful trial lawyer for over twenty-five years practicing both as a prosecutor in a government role and as a private attorney. Renée understands that your life is pretty good but that it could be much better if only you could get a handle on those things that you promise you are going to do for yourself but never seem to get around to finally accomplishing.  No one is harder on yourself than you are, and now you have a partner and a compassionate guide to get things done differently. Work with Renée one on one and create a life like you had intended before you knew that being a lawyer would become so all encompassing and so difficult.  Email me at [email protected] or book a call through my website.