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Sally Hardie

: Liminal Zone Life Coach

Coaching Philosophy

Going against tradition, even tradition you don’t agree with, can feel scary.
I’m here as your guide, the whole way.
I’ve travelled this route, I know the plot twists, I’ve seen the other side…
and I happen to be a freaking genius with brains.

Here’s the truth: you are NOT ‘doing life wrong’.

You are living it according to the programming you received.
Programming that was designed to keep workers in mills, “the masses”, unambitious and produce children like little uniformed robots.
Programming dreamt up centuries ago by production line thinking - where you and your well trained, polite, small “just get on with it” and “don’t take up space”ness are the desired ‘product’.
Your drive and ambition, your rawness, your energy, your inconsistency, your emotions, your humanity, had no place there.

THAT programming feels like ass.

But you need to know something else - going against it can feel like ass too.
It is a challenge for our brain and for our body to lean into the shadows and reclaim the parts of us that society told us didn’t fit. The bits that we have been told are too much, too loud, too quiet, too weak, too different, too….. broken, not enough, worthless.
So why do it?
Why push the limits of what you think is possible for you right now?
Why walk intentionally into discomfort?
Well, chances are, if you’re reading this then you are already familiar with the discomfort of your unrealised impact, of a life part-lived and hollow achievements…
Intentionally choosing the discomfort that moves you past a threshold to a life full of YOU, is the route to making the impact in the world that only you can make.
On the way you’ll learn how to generate your own safety so that no matter what happens in the world you’ll know how to have your own back, and how to achieve fulfilling, sustainable success in the metrics that speak deeply to you.

You get to express all the facets of your being and alchemise the full richness of your lived experience into one, beautiful, shining, lived life.
Being YOU is the secret sauce not only to your personally defined success, but to leaving a legacy that breaks inherited, internalised, traditional, limiting bullshit beliefs and changes the whole world.
What does coaching require from you?
Your desire for change.
Your willingness to reclaim your power.
Your belief that change is possible (I’ll take you all the way from here, to inevitability).
That’s it.
Are you ready?
Let's go.

Work with Me

My coaching is hugely impactful, and… it isn’t rocket science.
A little neuroscience, for sure, but no rockets!

It’s a process of:

  • de-conditioning your mind of beliefs that serve someone else more than you
  • reconnecting you with your inner, and best guide, that voice that you have squashed down and over-ruled for so long
  • becoming fluent in the language of you Central Nervous System enabling you to drop self-judgement
  • deciding what you want from life and getting it - sustainably and joyfully, fuelled by self-trust
  • thinking simply and deeply, to choose systems of belief that serve you

OK, so what’s the deal?
We meet 1:1 via zoom, for 20 sessions over 6 months.
You will learn how to achieve and exceed your goals sustainably, without being unkind to yourself or fitting into the boxes created by others.
Your way IS the way, and I have the skills to show you how.
Your wants and desires are the road map to your most incredible future - let’s get going!

Here's the link to find out more about coaching with me.

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