Sandhya Mudumbi, MD

: Certified Life Coach for Women Physicians

Expert Overview

I'm a palliative care physician and certified life coach. I want my woman physician clients to know that I've GOT them. I too have delayed gratification for decades and wondered why I didn't feel better when I technically arrived at my destination. While my journey started with weight loss with Corinne Crabtree, it then went so much deeper with Self-Coaching Scholars through The Life Coach School, and eventually with getting certified as a life coach. I feel compelled to share this with every woman physician that I know.

Work with Me

I primarily do one-on-one coaching, and would love to hear all about you on a consult call. You can learn more about me, and book on my website. I also just started a podcast, called What every woman physician needs to know, so you can follow my podcast.