Sandra Crosasso

: Your Personal Life Coach for Emotional Regulation (FR/EN)

Expert Overview

Hi! I’m Sandra.

I’m French and living in Paris. After working 7 years as a Marketing Analyst for L’Oréal and 12 years as a Yoga Teacher, I became a Life Coach in 2018 and certified from The Life Coach School in 2021. I am deeply passionate about psychology and human consciousness and it has now become both my cure, my passion, and a profession.

I help women regulate their emotions, prevent anxiety disorders, depression, and burnout, thanks to my own experience of 14 years of studies and practice in mind-body wellness, mental health and trauma and as a survivor of severe panic attacks from when I was 13 to 30 years of age due to childhood traumas.

My curriculum encompasses a 15-year background in the field of True Self Care as a Yoga Teacher first, then as a Naturopath, Nutritherapist, Hypnotherapist, and Certified Life Coach. More on LinkedIn.

Work with Me

My goal is to be accessible and available when you do need it and with no string attached to support you in your journey right away in the best way possible.

In this perspective, the rate is voluntarily 55€ per session.
Cancellation and refund are not available.
Meetings will be on Teams (you will receive a link by email when registering)

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Looking forward to meeting you !