Sandra Jarvis

: Beyond Therapy Coach

Expert Overview

You've had some hard moments in your life...moments that tested your resolve and made you question your worth.

But you've proven repeatedly that you are strong.

You did your work in therapy--the hardest work of your life--but you're still struggling to find purpose and peace.

You've fallen back into the habits.

Your problem: You may have healed your trauma...but you didn't learn to move past it. You're floundering in that space between "SURVIVING" and "THRIVING" that is simply known as "COPING"...and it isn't enough!

If you've finished therapy and you still feel stuck, it's time to create a new vision so you can embrace what's available for your future.

If you're ready to feel better...

If you want more confidence...

If you're finally willing to trust your emotions...

If you're yearning to take action on your goals...

If you're ready to move beyond therapy to claim the amazing future that's waiting for you...

Schedule a complimentary session and let's get started with creating a life from which you no longer want to escape!

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