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Sandra Jarvis

: Trauma Informed Coach

Coaching Philosophy

You've had some hard moments in your life...moments that tested your resolve and made you question your worth.

But you've proven repeatedly that you are strong.

You did your work in therapy--the hardest work of your life--but then you promptly put yourself on the back burner.

You've been ignoring your own needs and taking care of everyone else's, ever since.

Your problem: You may have healed your trauma...but you didn't learn to move past it.

You're floundering in that space between "HEALING" and "THRIVING" that's often known as "SURVIVING".

And it's not enough!

If the trauma of your past is keeping you stuck, it's time to let it go so you can embrace what's available for your future.

If you're ready to feel better.

If you want more confidence.

If you're finally willing to trust your emotions.

If you're yearning to take action on your goals.

If you know there's an amazing future just waiting for you to claim...

I've got you!

Schedule a complimentary session and let's get started with creating a future you love!

Work with Me

Schedule a complimentary consultation HERE if you're interested in one-on-one coaching.

For an incredibly affordable group option, check out The Salon, my monthly, pay-as-you-go, self-care coaching membership.

The Salon is an online coaching community for women who have done their work in therapy but are struggling to create a vision for the future. It's a place where you can learn and grow alongside other women just like you.

Inside The Salon, you'll let go of the lies you learned to tell yourself to prove you're not enough and work toward creating self-love and acceptance. That's the first step to cutting through the chaos and reconnecting with the powerful woman inside.

Then you'll work on loving your body, owning your truth, creating intentional relationships with the important people in your life, managing your time and money, and consciously creating a future you can look forward to!

The Salon is a judgment-free community where you can come as you are...and leave as whomever you want to be!