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Sandra Jarvis

: The Imposter Syndrome Coach

Coaching Philosophy

Sandra helps women with a history of trauma or abuse--especially coaches and entrepreneurs--overcome the myth of perfection and other insecurities that lead to imposter syndrome in their personal and professional lives. Using the Model and other mind management tools, Sandra helps you dig deep to find the root of your problems so you can get rid of your nagging doubts for good. As your coach, her goal is to help you stop trying to prove your worth by dropping the judgment and redefining your beliefs about yourself. As you become empowered to make conscious choices, you'll see an increase in confidence, energy, and overall satisfaction with life. Best of all, you can focus on creating a life--and a business--you'll never need to escape from again!

Work with Me

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During your session, we'll look at where you are today, where you want to be, and what's keeping you from getting there. I'll share details about my signature program, The Whole You Project, a one-on-one coaching experience for women who are ready to take a look at all the things that make them who they are--the good, the bad, and the awesome! If you've done your work and you're still struggling to create the life you want to live, I can show you how.