Sanne Tolboom

: Procrastination Coach

Coaching Philosophy

I teach procrastinators how to actually do what they say they are going to do.

Are you tired of sitting at your laptop yelling "Okay, but HOW?!" at motivational speakers and productivity gurus?
I will help you figure out what works for you, instead of telling you to 'just do it' or teaching you a complicated productivity system you'll never implement.

I'll show you how to stop procrastinating and ditch the willpower fueled cycle of starting strong and giving up on day two.
You get to develop discipline on your own terms and start using ease as your super power. Because you truly can be massively productive AND have fun and feel relaxed.

You too are capable of producing a steady stream of amazing results.
Let's leave your procrastination habit behind and make your dream goals a reality!

Work with Me

Are you a self-identified chronic procrastinator? I'd love to help you get out of your own way and start living your life to the full.
Learn more and book a free consultation: CLICK HERE (website in Dutch)

Interested in coaching with me in English? Email me at [email protected] to learn more.