Sara Saunders

: Coach for Moms of Teens and Adult Children

Expert Overview

The best gift to give yourself and your children is love and acceptance. I believe the root of most of all of our problems comes down to self acceptance and Love. What if you could learn how to love and accept yourself even though you are 50% amazing and 50% a hot mess? What if even your human 50% hot mess of a self was lovable. Because it is. You are 100% lovable. And there is nothing you can do to be more or less lovable and no one else can determine your lovability. The same is true for your Children.  I will show you how you can feel this way and teach your kids to feel this way.

Work with Me

1:1 Coaching: 8 Week program 

-Free 30-45 minute consult to see if the program will be the right fit.


1-How to stop blaming and shaming Kids, Selves and Partners.

2-How to take care of your own needs so you can be the parent and partner you want to be.

3-How to worry less.

4-How to have a more healthy, loving relationship with child without needing them to change to do it.

5-Tools to drop your manual and expectations of all the people you have no control over.

6-How to drop the story that your Childs happiness is your responsibility.

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