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SaraEllen Hutchison, Esq.

: Time Freedom Coach for Women Lawyers

Coaching Philosophy

The profession of law has made great strides in creating a place for women, but the law can't hold all of who we are.

That's why so many of us women lawyers struggle with procrastination, impostor syndrome, and challenging relationships.

It's why we struggle to find the time and energy for a fulfilling life outside of work, and why we often fall short of our expectations, even though we are so smart, and hustle so hard trying to keep everybody happy.

The good news is that there a better way. A way to be a woman, think like a woman, act like a woman, and fulfill all the other, non-law dreams for your life while actually getting increasingly better results in your work.

It comes down to how you manage your feminine energy, and how you manage your mind. This stuff is not taught in law school or any CLE, but is changing the world, one woman lawyer at a time.

Work with Me

Are you ready to step into your authentic power as a woman lawyer?

The Lawyergoddess Workshop is a 3-month, invitation-only small group program for women lawyers who are committed to succeeding on their own terms in law and in life.

I am also accepting a limited number of private one-on-one clients.

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