SaraEllen Hutchison, Esq.

: Lawyer Coach & Trial Consultant

Coaching Philosophy

SaraEllen helps lawyers better handle difficult people so that work and life are more rewarding.

She also helps you and your clients do better in deposition and trial so that you can get better results at mediation and trial.

SaraEllen is a veteran plaintiff's attorney and an Advanced Deep Dive Coach certified by Bev Aron.

Work with Me

Are you a busy plaintiff's lawyer, fighting the good fight against corporate bad actors? Here's how I can help you:

1. Personal coaching and mentoring: quickly resolve your procrastination, burnout, and issues with difficult people through a combination of, well....loving Socratic inquiry and Jedi mind tricks.

2. Trial coaching: people call me the "client whisperer." Allow me to work my magic with you and your client to bring out the best of you and your clients at trial.

3. Co-counsel.

Just email me, and we'll schedule a time to talk.