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SaraEllen Hutchison, Esq.

: Self-Image & Style Coach for High-Achieving Women

Coaching Philosophy

Are you an educated, high-achieving woman in your 30s-40s struggling with your self-image? Do you work hard in your career, but can't seem to get the respect you deserve at work, the love you desire in your personal life, and don’t feel as attractive or put-together as you'd like?

A smart woman like you deserves to have beautiful life, not just an impressive résumé.

I can help you create what’s missing rapidly through (1) Deep Dive ™ Coaching that is deeper and faster than conventional coaching; (2) Flower Essences, a form of vibrational healing; and (3) a personal Style Quantum Leap, because our Feminine Energy and how we dress and carry ourselves holds the key to our authentic, most powerful selves.

Audrey Hepburn said, "happy girls are the prettiest," and it's totally ok if you need a coach or mentor to help you get there.

My clients have created results like: new jobs, raises, getting engaged, and getting others to help out around the house. What will you create with all your newfound power?

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