Sarah Brown

: Millionaire Mentor Coach

Expert Overview

You CAN have it ALL!
I mentor mama entrepreneurs to Financial Independence AND Time Freedom

::We build you diverse, passive-ish income streams to create *OPTIONS* for you:

We employ tools and secrets used by the 1% that don't get shared on TikTok, my experience & mentorship born from building several multi million businesses, portfolios and passive income streams. In multiple industries and asset classes.

THEN we triple down on YOUR gifts, superpowers and existing resources to amplify and expedite the process.

Meanwhile - we will manage your mind (sneaky thoughts, belief ceilings, blocks, doing hard things and feeling your way through it all in a way that serves you


My formula fast tracks FINANCIAL FREEDOM + TIME OPTIONS while minding your values, nervous system and what is most important to YOU in life. 🙏⭐

Work with Me

I work with women 1 on 1, weekly, with email support between sessions.

We will create a written custom money and business strategy based on YOU. Then execute on it! Together.

We will craft a time management system suited to your needs and how you function.

You are special, my love. There is not a one-size-fits-all plan.

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