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Sarah Foutz

: Master Life Coach

Coaching Philosophy

I have created an amazing all-encompassing coaching program for YOUR clients called "The Mind Firm Method."

It takes new clients from start to finish teaching them everything they need for total transformation, articulately written by a Master Certified Coach and English teacher.

Each session is naturally scripted, completely customizable to your particular niche and length of program. It literally takes ALL of the guess work and drama out of coaching.

We've also made a comprehensive workbook for your clients that includes concepts, worksheets, and crystal clear visuals--each one building off the last.

Overwhelm and confusion will finally be a thing of the past.

Work with Me

We offer coaching at The Coach Firm for clients from teens to retirees.

Our coaching is designed to help you hone the skills of self-coaching and confidence that will enable you to continue on the path long after the program is complete. Included is a hard-copy workbook that takes you step by step along the process, teaching you all the tools in a way that is fun and powerful.

To see if this is a good fit, click here to set up a free discovery session.