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Sarah Foutz

: Master Life Coach

Coaching Philosophy

Life is good. But you know it could be better. I help you in all areas of your life up-level to the 2.0 version of yourself. Learn to talk to yourself in a way that actually feels good and changes you from the inside out. It's a process I've developed through coaching hundreds of clients, including myself.

And guess what? It's FUN.

Happiness is available to everyone. It is the by-product of a strong mind. Strong minds, like strong bodies, come from "working out." It's time to join the gym where you create ultimate mental fitness.

Work with Me

Are you ready to finally crack the code on mental fitness? I am your "Personal Mental Trainer" at The Mind Firm where you can join the "gym membership for your mind." Every month there's a new focus--from relationships to weight-loss to fulfilling your purpose, all with daily exercises to implement.

This is the place to strengthen your thoughts and improve your mental elasticity for long-lasting happiness. Anxiety and inferiority will be replaced with confidence and joy.

Membership includes monthly modules, videos, worksheets, 2 group coaching sessions and a monthly one on one session to help you see your blind spots. Annual memberships get a physical Bonus Box delivered to their door full of goodies to jump start your progress.

Mental toughness is your key to a happy future. Take this quiz to see how mentally firm you are right now. Let's get started.