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Sarah Larkin

: Empowerment Coach

Coaching Philosophy

I help women feel worthy, loved and excited to live their lives.  With a strong foundation of love, I believe we are able to show up for ourselves, our jobs, our marriages, our kids and communities in a way that feels AMAZING and nurturing instead of stressful and draining.  I help my clients get to the root of their pain and struggle so they can thrive and go after their dreams.

Work with Me

I offer one on one sessions as well as group coaching and specific programs.  If you need someone to help you learn to love all of your uniqueness, I am that coach.  We get to believe anything we want about ourselves.  Why not celebrate all of the wonderful things about ourselves, while also looking at the other parts through a lens of curiosity and love?  I notice there is a lot more peace when we do it this way...