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Sarah Nemecek

: Money & Life Coach for Women Entrepreneurs

Coaching Philosophy

I help you demystify the money in your business and life so money never holds you back again. In fact, you’ll actually have fun talking about money and stop letting it consume your thoughts all day.

My approach focuses on 3 main pillars.

  1. Learn the simple foundational tools of money for business and personal management (because none of us has time for complex financial jargon and spreadsheets).
  2. Unpack the beliefs about money that you’ve been holding onto for years and that keep you from joyfully making and having money.
  3. Learn how to change your behaviors so the tools and your brain work together to create the results you actually desire in your life and business. This includes what to do when you get off track or make mistakes with the money, because we all do.

When your relationship with money is one that feels great to you, every other part of your life and business becomes easier and more enjoyable.

Work with Me

If you are ready to permanently change your relationship and results with money, let’s chat. Schedule a free consult call at the link on my website. We’ll talk about where you are with money today and where you want to go with your business and your life.