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Sarah Parker

: Business & Weight Loss Coaching for Coaches

Coaching Philosophy

I coach coaches who want to lose weight and grow their coaching business – at the same time.

I lost weight and built my last business to multiple 7-figures. How did I do this? I figured out how to optimize my coaching tools to achieve my goals. I can help you do the same.

You have the tools for success, so you don’t have to sacrifice one goal for the other. If you are feeling stuck or experience doubt and confusion over how to make progress on your goals, I’m the coach for you.

I am certified at the Life Coach School and Corinne Crabtree's NOBS Advanced Weight Loss certification. By combining the knowledge from these two certifications, I create individual programs for each client to lose weight and build their business.

Work with Me

Through 1:1 coaching sessions, I help coaches figure out what is blocking them from making progress on their business and weight loss goals.

When you work with me, you’ll experience less food & scale drama and a get clear individualized plan on how to achieve your weight loss goal. We'll also figure out how to the next level-up in your business. You'll drop the doubt, confusion, or and you’ll start to take action to achieve your goals.

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