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Sarah Rose

: Business Coach for Coaches

Coaching Philosophy

Having trouble converting your certifications into a profitable coaching business?

When you decide to become a coach, there's a lifetime of learning ahead of you, but obviously you can't wait an entire lifetime to start making money.

You need to be able to master doing both learning and earning at the same time if you want to make it in the coaching industry.

So many life coaches try and go from certified and business beginner to six figure CEO overnight, but it doesn't work like that.

Becoming an amazing coach means doing your own great work to live by the lessons you learn and lead others by that example. It's about becoming the CEO of you.

Creating a profitable coaching business means fully stepping into being the CEO of your coaching business. That means developing business skills that you probably do not have and getting your business systems in place.

Joining Coach to CEO™ will help you undergo your own transformation so you master yourself and the fundamentals of business.

If you're serious about wanting to make it in the coaching industry and stand out in the sea of other coaches, this program is for you.

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Coach to CEO™ is a 6 month, step-by-step one-to-one coaching and mentorship program that helps you set up six-figure systems, attract clients on autopilot, and become the best coach you can possibly be.

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