Sarah Tolbert

: Stress Management for Working Parents Coach

Expert Overview

I help overwhelmed and stressed-out working moms and dads achieve harmony between their professional and personal lives. I firmly believe that it is not only possible to balance the demands of work and family but to do so with dignity, grace, and a renewed sense of self.

I personally went from being stressed out daily trying to get it all done, housework, managing the kids, making time for my partner, saying yes to everything because I felt guilty if I didn't, paying the bills, wearing all the hats (even hats I didn't know existed!) to eliminating my stress (or at least making it much smaller) and feeling happy and calm most of the time!

Stress will come, especially if you are a working parent, it's part of life, but it no longer has to overwhelm your life and you don't have to carry the guilt and shame that comes with it.

My mission in life is to help busy working parents feel happy, enjoy time with their families, and make everything feel less tricky.

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