Shana Harrington, MBA, BSN, RN

: Life After Divorce Coaching

Expert Overview

Are you divorced and over 40 wondering how to start your life over?  I've been right where you are, twice in fact!! I've created a program, Life After Divorce, that assists you in creating YOU version 2.0!  I work with you one on one to assist you in this journey.  This next phase of life, these next 50 years, can be whatever you want them to be!  You don't know who you want to be or what you want to accomplish in the next 50 years?  Then you have come to the right place!   In only 3 months you will discover WHO YOU WANT TO BE, YOU version 2.0.

Work with Me

After two divorces, for the next 5 years I voraciously studied Eckhart Tolle, Jack Kornfield, Lisa Nichols, Byron Katie, and Wayne Dyer. I applied these principles and figured out who I WANTED TO BE and then became that person.  Shana, Version 2.0!  I changed careers, got my MBA in 5 months, married the man of my dreams, and became a Life Coach. I have taken these principles and those of the Life Coach School and created a guaranteed 3-month journey to creating the NEW YOU version 2.0!