Shanna Mills

: Life Re-Invention Coach

Coaching Philosophy

I help women free themselves from a life they don't love, in order to build the life of their dreams, no running away required.

  • Release limiting beliefs & fears
  • Redecide who you want to be & the life you desire
  • Reveal yourself to the world & have your own back
  • Revel in the life you create

Work with Me

I work one on one with clients in my 12 week program, Life Re-Invented.

Click the link above to schedule a free mini-session and we will look at where you are, where you want to be, and how my 12 week program, Life Re-Invented, can be tailored specifically to get you there.

I serve groups through my monthly membership Revolution Lifestyle.

Revolution Lifestyle is the container for women who want to create dramatic change in their lives and maintain it. Through monthly classes, seasonal guides, and group coaching we cover all things life; mindset, health & wellness, lifestyle, relationships, career, autonomy and more.