Shannon Noel

: Life Coach for Creative Moms

Expert Overview

I’m a comedian-singer-songwriter and a Life Coach for creative Moms. I help Artists and Performers (who go by MOM) take their creative projects from incomplete to COMPLETE, LIVE, PUBLISHED, OUT THERE! I’m here to help you reach any goal no matter how impossible it feels to you right now. Creative projects, weight loss, career, relationships? An organized closet, garage or family vacation? Maybe you simply want to climb out of the Covid fog? Anything you want is POSSIBLE and I can show you the way. I will help you learn to overcome your obstacles and create the confidence and courage you need to set and reach your goals and live the life of your dreams while still being the parent you choose to be. Oh and also - even though at times it may be challenging, we will 100% have FUN while doing all of the above. I'm already your biggest cheerleader and I can't wait to meet you.

Work with Me

I work with clients one on one and offer both single sessions and a 6-Week Coaching package.

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