Sharell Weeams

: Business & Sales Coach

Expert Overview

You know how some people start a business because they want more freedom, but end up overworked and glued to their laptop 24/7? (This used to be me!)

Well… I help experts go from Booked & Burnt Out to Leveraged & Liberated. We start by turning your high-end 1:1 coaching and consulting services into a premium group program and then design a signature sales system to convert clients by the dozens.

Why? Cause… liberation!

… And because having a leveraged group program and recurring revenue is what allowed me to take months off when I had a health crisis… without ever having to worry about money, bills or taking care of my clients.

I want that for you too! More Freedom. Limitless Income. Infinite Impact.

Work with Me

If this resonates with you, I may be able to help you. Feel free to email me at [email protected] and we’ll chat about where you are in your business, your needs, and if we're a fit to work together.