Sharon C. Kiely, MD

: Life & Career Coach for High Achieving Women

Expert Overview

I help high achieving women dreaming about making change in their experience of work, career, family & life, confidently take charge of their lives and well-being. I purposefully establish a safe and confidential space for my clients to explore what they want holistically. We look at all the aspects of what makes them unique, what they'd like to change and why, and take steps to make the change inevitable. Together we address feelings of doubt, imposter syndrome, overwhelm, confusion, and fear. My clients feel better, take action and release their fear of failure and make decisions, choices and design the life they want.

My experience of coaching came later in my life. First, I observed my brother transform his life by working with a coach. As a physician executive I was struck by the article by Atul Gawande in the New Yorker "Top athletes and singers have coaches. Should you?" in Personal Best. Intrigued by the common sense of this question, I used coaching to help doctors I hired transition into new jobs, improve their clinical performance and balance work and life. They were also happier. They had agency and confidence and grew professionally & personally. Years later, when I was thinking about a big transition in my life, I hired a great coach, who helped me see the answers already within me. I changed my life confidently, with energy and passion. These experience convinced me of the power of coaching.

During Covid pandemic, I certified as a coach to help others in my job as a Chief Wellness Officer of a large health system. The Covid experience was especially difficult on women's well-being. Soon I realized coaching was what I was called to do. My work includes 1:1 coaching, group coaching, workshops and teaching.

As a Life & Career Coach, I love working with women to explore what really matters to them and imagine the life they want. I teach practical skills and uncover their unique answers for the life they want today and tomorrow. One client had a deep desire to write a book, another imagined a career in public health, another wants to start a new business, another balancing children at home and her desire to work outside the home. What I see often is our coaching experience is the only space where my clients bring to life in the form of words what they actually, truly, deeply want. It is my privilege to coach them at a special time in their lives.

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