Shaun Griffiths

: Coach for Business Leaders who are Successful but Unhappy

Coaching Philosophy

Are you a successful business leader who has achieved success but you still aren’t happy?

Together let's separate out success and happiness, because success and happiness are two very different and completely independent things. There are many people who are successful and unhappy, and many people who are happy but unsuccessful.

By sitting down with me and deliberately looking with curiosity at your thoughts and beliefs, you can understand what you are creating in your life. Then you can change the way you see the world, so that you don’t have to change the world to be happy. And then - even better- go on to use this new found energy to up level your success.

Because success and happiness can be very complementary. When you allow for that, you will have more energy and creativity. It will be easier for you to create success. And when you use your energy of happiness to create success, that’s when you scale your own happiness.

Work with Me

My life experiences give me a passion to improve your life and increase your success-

1) At the top of my profession as a Captain with British Airways flying 747s and 777s all around the world, I understand the experiences of leading and managing in a time critical, high pressure, autonomous, and highly complex environment;
2) My training in life coaching has helped me understand why I find happiness irrespective of achieving my goals; and
3) My experiences and challenges of achieving 'unattainable' goals has lead me to want to help others achieve theirs.

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