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Shelma Kasanti

: Business and Life Coach

Coaching Philosophy

I help coaches and experts sign their first 5 clients. We do this in a simple and fun way, which is by leveraging their number one biggest asset: their big beautiful brains.

Work with Me

If you want to just sign your first 5 clients already, I can help you.

I am offering free consultation, where we will evaluate what's going on in your business right now and create a specific plan to get you to that first 5 clients mark.

When you get to the 5 client stage, you'll have...

  • a compelling offer
  • a simple sales process
  • magnetic marketing strategy leveraging your uniqueness
  • a clear day to day routine
  • and of course the 5 clients

It's SO IMPORTANT to spend some time honing in this area of your business, because it will give you the foundation for your next 10, 20, 30, etc.

You're already past that? Great. I can help you with your next 5 too.

I'll give you the blueprint that will work for where you are right now in your business, no matter what stage you're in.

It's 100% fail-proof.

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