Shideh Shafie

: Performance Coach

Expert Overview

As an emergency room physician, fellowship director, and mother of twins, I understand busy, high stress, high stakes work. I know what it is to have big goals and to chase them, my mission is help my clients meet their goals, but enjoy their lives in the process. My clients learn to perform at the highest levels with clarity and true joy, while enhancing their professional communication skills all while building a life that is fulfilling at home and at work. You are working so hard to build this life, let’s figure out how you can enjoy it too.

Work with Me

It starts with a conversation. Reach out and we can book a complimentary coaching call to see if we are a good fit for each other. After that we will have focused 1 on 1, intense individualized sessions. The goal for each session is for you to walk away energized, with a new framework to tackle the obstacles, as well as a plan to build your future.  The work we do together is highly results oriented.