Sonya Green

: Coach for Women with Imposter Syndrome and Self Worth Issues

Expert Overview

Women are amazingly strong, adaptable creatures.  We respond / react to our immediate surroundings, our cultural ideologies, and sometimes we forget the strength that is deep within us to create our own destinies.

If you want to rediscover the strength within you, sign up for a free coaching session with me.  Together, we will expose the thoughts that are holding you back and keeping you small.

If you have big dreams and you are ready to live them, I am ready to show you how to get there.  I love helping women just like you find their power within! Contact me to start living your amazing future today!

Work with Me

For professional women who dream of achieving more in your life and career, my coaching provides private sessions with a certified life coach that will empower you with the tools of self-discovery, unleashing your confidence so you can create a mindset that trades the fear of failure with the exhilaration of success. For more information on scheduling and pricing, click here.