Stacy Bahnsen

: Midlife Coach for Women Over 50

Expert Overview

I help women over 50 create a fulfilling life they look forward to every day without the fear that its too late.

You can't wait until life isn't hard anymore before you decide to be happy.

Work with Me

As your coach,

I Will Guide and Support You in:

Learning valuable information and tools to be able to navigate and manage any issue with certainty.

Identifying beliefs, behaviors and thoughts that are getting in the way of your true expression and happiness.

We will examine your self-concept, how to understand your emotional life, tools for navigating change, the difficult situations you are currently facing and how you can achieve an empowered and resilient self.

We will discuss habits and beliefs limiting your growth and ways to eliminate fear, worry and anxiety that are holding you back from exploring options for your future with confidence.

Working together you will experience clarity, confidence, self-love and trust, and learn how to become the most authentic version of yourself. You will make the changes and ultimate transformation you are looking for.

I’ve helped so many women and know that taking intentional action on a regular basis is what leads to clarity, progress and a fulfilled life. I also know why ‘new thinking’ is just as important as your ‘action list’. Change your mind, change your life.

You will gain clarity and ultimately realize:

Who you are
What you think of yourself
What you believe
Your purpose
What your future looks like