Stacy Brookman

: The Corporate Women's Resilience Coach

Expert Overview

I work with corporate and professional business women helping them forge the life and career they desire. Real Life Resilience Coaching is for women who want to BE confident, not just ACT confident.

If you want to build out your superpowers and feel flat-out confident in being yourself...then you need better than simply survival-mode.

You need remarkable resilience and a certified coach by your side who's been there, done that, bought the corporate t-shirt, and drank the Kool-Aid.

Work with Me

Are you ready to level up your resilience in spite of life's drama? (Hint: Yeah you do! That's why I'm here!)

I coach you on things they don't teach you in school:

  • WORK-LIFE BALANCE: It's entirely possible to have balance mastery without stress. Get rid of the tension and frustration of being a human being with a career. You deserve to have both a satisfying home life AND career.
  • SETTING BOUNDARIES: Resilient boundary setting that feels right, and works for you. These boundaries eliminate stress and are easily upheld. (These ain't your momma's boundaries!)
  • SPEAKING UP AND SPEAKING OUT: Speaking your truth without fear and managing the process of safely speaking out. (Oh yeah, I've got you covered with public speaking coaching too.)
  • TIME MANAGEMENT: Perfect time management processes to eliminate overwhelm and make time work for YOU instead of the reverse. Get your personal and professional life together in a beautiful tango on your calendar.
  • MENTAL PERFORMANCE: Let's give you the most effective brain hacks to power up your mental game and boost your mental performance without exhaustion. You'll be able to reach your impossible goals faster than you imagined.

Get ready to be infused with resilience!

CLICK HERE and let's chat about where you'd like to start and how we can work together.