Stephani Worley

: Relationship Rebound & Self Love Coach

Expert Overview

Whether you chose to break up or not, you are in this situation, and it’s hella uncomfortable – even painful.

Breakups and coming to terms with singlehood is an opportunity for amazing growth.

Being uncomfortable IS the price of growth so why not use this situation to grow into the fullest badass version of yourself.

The truth is that staying in an unhealthy, meaningless relationship is easy in the short term but that is what created the long-term problems.

Now is your chance to do the uncomfortable work and grow from this opportunity so that you can be ready and open for a deep, passionate & meaningful romantic relationship.

The Ultimate Rebound is one on one life coaching using a mind-body-spirit approach to:

  • Heal from all the past relationship issues through thought work & processing emotions.
  • Love the present you – exactly who you are right now, nurturing your body and relaxing the nervous system.
  • Create a foundation for meaningful relationships in the future by connecting with your inner light to lead the way.

Through this unique approach, you will live a life full of love and attract your perfect partner.

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Imagine - Loving yourself 100%, being excited to date, and feeling confident in relationships.

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