Stephanie Heller

: Business Coach for Personal Chefs

Expert Overview

Empowering clients to access and take control of their biggest resource (their brain) and use to create re-occurring revenue in their business.

I do this by teaching tools for entrepreneurs to feel better at failing, stretch for what they want most and capture unbelievable clarity.

In my clients words "Stephanie is a pure gift! She makes you feel unstoppable to reaching your goals. She is beyond present with you and truly listens and helps guide you to your truth with ease. I really enjoy her love for helping reach to knew understandings of yourself and breaking up thoughts and seeing them for what they are... just a thought. I would hands down recommend her."

Work with Me

People have money.
They want to spend their money on services that give them more time, better health, comfort, and luxury.

Your Personal Chef Services are exactly what they crave.

When anyone wins the lotto, a personal chef is always within the top three things they want. Why? Because people always want to feel taken care of, nurtured, listened to, and find a provider with a heart of service.

They want you.

I've cracked the code on making consistent, long-term money as a personal chef.

Learning to market and sell my in-home cooking services gave me the freedom and life I’ve always dreamed of.

Not only was I able to decide my own hours and have no ceiling on my income, I could to pick my kids up from school, offer talented people jobs, and say no to anyone I wasn’t 100% sure I could help.

Although it took determination, commitment, time and money, it's not as hard as you think.

You can have your own business on your schedule, no limit on your income, and be creative with your food.

Whether you're a Personal Chef, At-Home Cook, or Nutritionist, you can do this too.

For the last 13 years, my Personal Chef company has provided in-home cooking, daily and weekly meal services, and boutique dinner parties for distinguished guests.

Growing my company to mid-six figures, a team of eight chefs, and cooking for entire baseball teams has been nothing short of an epic experience.

I've figured it out so you don't have to.

No matter where you are on your culinary journey, I can help you have the life and business of your dreams.

The catch? I only work with committed and serious foodies who are ready to up-level in the best of ways.

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