Steph Sheldon

: Designer, Business & Creativity Coach

Expert Overview

I run a boutique design studio for coaches, helping them craft businesses, coaching programs and the content to support them.

I use principles of Life Coaching and the world of design to help women founders clear their own creative blocks and get to work building the businesses of their dreams. I've helped hundreds of business owners identify their own unique superpower (niche) and translate that into compelling brands and businesses that connect easily to their dream customers.

In my pre-2020 life I developed and ran a creative business incubator in my home city of Cleveland, helping engineer millions of dollars into the hands of our brave creative startup community. I love business development as much as I love design, and I marry them together with principles of life coaching to help women founders step into their unique power.

Work with Me

If you need a little help getting out of confusion and into creating value for your clients, you can click here to get my free Creative Content starter kit and start pushing publish every day!

You can also get tons of tips, inspiration, and support on my popular blog, and see how I create compelling program content over here.

If you're looking to develop your own unique coaching programs (and the content to market them), click here to get more information about how I can help you do just that.