Stephanie Taylor

: Blow Up Your Life Over 40 Coach

Expert Overview

Blow up your life!
Because now is your time
I help dynamic women over 40 discover their true desires and blow up their lives.
There are messages all around
us that as we age we should live less, be less and do less.

These messages can lead us to hide, lead us not to hear our own desires, lead us to be confused and uncertain about what we want, even when though we’re dynamic and successful professionally.

They can lead us to be invisible.

F*&@ Invisible!
You were born to shine.
You were born to stand out.
You were born to share your gifts.
Your best moments are yet to
You’re a sassy, badass and you
I blew up my life over 40.

Lost the weight with ease after believing it was impossible for me to stop overeating.

And after decades of thinking that business and wealth were 'not for me', I found coaching. In partnership with my sister, Nicky Taylor, I became an award-winning property investor with a multi-million pound portfolio, multi-6-figure business owner, number 1 best-selling author and was voted Inspirational Person of the Year by Potential Unlocked with Les Brown.
We now live lives we never imagined was available to us.
Our only regret is living in limbo for so long and not even realising what was missing.

It’s our passion now to share the message with other women to unlock their desires, see the sparks within them and blow up their lives over 40.

Work with Me

Blow up Your Life is a unique one to one Programme to unlock the door to your unique desires and help you recreate your life exactly as you want it. The framework of questions I ask as part of the process often has people saying ‘I’d never thought about myself that way before’.

By the end of it you’ll know exactly what you want and be making tangible steps towards it, whether your desire is a new or better business, developing a closer relationship with your partner, finding the right partner for you, building your confidence, travelling the world or learning to sing.

I’ll help you see things you hadn’t seen before
When you know what you truly want, you can live a big, beautiful life of no regrets.

Continue discovering your deep desires.

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