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Susan Estringel

: Women's Burnout Coach

Coaching Philosophy

My mission is to help women suffering from burnout recover and improve their emotional and physical health; bringing balance back into their life.

Work with Me

I help women who are burned out find balance in their life through thought work, self-compassion, time management, and yoga. Together we will create thought processes that support your emotional well-being that allow you to put sustainable systems in place without the fear of your life becoming unmanageable. Once you understand how to create a doable structure and system for yourself, you will have these skills forever and you will be able to craft a new structure for yourself as your life changes. Meaning balance will always be available to you.

I understand what you are going through.

Personally, I've been burned out and have chronic health conditions including arthritis, Hashimoto’s Thyroidistis, and migraines. I manage my symptoms with the same systems I teach my clients.

It is my mission that you never feel hopeless, crazy or alone again.