Susan Livermore-Costa

: Mentor

Expert Overview

I believe in the human race and their power to change.  I empower people to change what no longer serves them by helping them move from autopilot to conscious choice so they can feel better, happier and healthier faster.  Because they're worth it!

I'm a life coach because you are human and we are in this together.

Work with Me

Many of our choices about what we think or feel about something can become hidden and create experiences that no longer serve us and we don't even know it!  Together we will uncover your hidden power of choice so you can change the choices that no longer serve you.  Changing your choices will create the experiences and life you really want.  It will allow you to move through your feelings and experiences more easily so you can feel more comfortable in their own skin, on purpose.  You'll be amazed how powerful you really are!  It would be an honor to help you change.  Schedule a 30 minute time to connect and see if we are right to work together. Click here.