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Suzy Rosenstein

: Master Midlife Coach for Women over 50

Coaching Philosophy

As a Master Certified Life Coach since 2015, podcast host and author with a Masters Degree in Applied Social Psychology, I've never been more grateful to be able to help amazing midlife women focus on what they CAN do instead of what they CAN'T do at this age and stage.

I've been stuck too. As someone who wasted five years too many with career malaise myself, I love helping midlife women over 50 who are spinning in "stuckness," confused and afraid of having regrets about what they didn't do with their valuable time on this planet. Does this sound like you? Perhaps you're starting to feel more sensitive to time flying by or are unsure that the best really is yet to come. Maybe you don't love your career anymore or have empty nest concerns. You might even be wondering if you're having a midlife crisis. The thing is that aging and menopause can be a sneaky difficult surprise. I believe that there's a lot of fear going on and you probably don't even recognize the full impact of it on your life. You're not alone and I can help you.

Clients love my laser-focused, upbeat coaching style and popular midlife podcast, Women in the Middle®, that help you finally make the changes you want to make. As your midlife coach and mentor in the Women in the Middle Academy or working together as your private coach, I'll help you get unstuck and clear about what you want, start taking action and create a life you can get excited about again.

Fair warning: Get ready to have way more fun!

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