Tay Daniels

: Certified Life & Business Coach

Coaching Philosophy

Our Mission at It's Tay LLC & The Breadwinner Energy Co. is to help women find & share their unique story, experiences, & gifts and teach it to other women. To help women create a life of choices & freedom. To help women of all sizes, shapes, colors, & regions come together in a safe space to build their legacy & life long success.

We need more women in this world making more money, leading more rooms, creating legacies, & uplifting other women! We are all in this together.

The coaching industry is currently not regulated & it is our mission to help women become ethical coaches & uphold a moral standard for the online space.

We take pride in the online community of women we've built & continue to build - women 23-65 years of age from all regions & races - building business & creating their dream life together while also supporting each other at the same time.

Work with Me

We are moms, wives, & most importantly powerful go-getter women building long term success, aligned lives, & the ultimate freedom!

We are becoming the Breadwinner of our own life, breaking generational curses, creating legacies, & building a life we not only love but absolutely deserve!

We give you the mindset, the strategies, project management, accountability, & community to build your first $100k Year!

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