Teresa Curtiss

: Stress Management IFS-Informed Wellness Coach

Expert Overview

I help stressed out people enjoy life by being less overwhelmed, more confident, calm, and resilient.

Do you feel stuck in a loop of stress you can’t get out of? This pattern of overwhelm and fatigue may feel like it will never change, but you can break free. Imagine not having to go through every day struggling. Knowing that you have skills to handle whatever comes your way. If you know deep down you are carrying some unwanted patterns/wounds that are directly affecting your life and work then you’ve come to the right place. We all possess what we need in order to reach our goals, however we may need a little help and guidance to get there. I can help you address these patterns and resolve the stress that you feel.

I know firsthand how beliefs and behaviors rooted deep within can create significant challenges with our health and in our daily lives. I bring compassion, personal experience, playfulness, and professional experience helping individuals obtain their greatest potential. I empower clients through deep coaching to transform from within to create the life they want.

Work with Me

I offer 1:1 coaching sessions for clients who are tired of being stressed out all the time. Click HERE to schedule a FREE discovery call or check out my website for more information.