Teresa Joan Henderson

: Personal Fitness Coach

Expert Overview

I believe life coaching empowers you to make the changes you need to transform every aspect of your life.

The most powerful transformation is to become fit mentally & fit physically then you will be empowered to create your best life forward.

Work with Me

Hi, I am Teresa Joan. As we reach midlife, we may think our fit & active body is behind us, that is not true!

You can be successful at fitness again. You just need to find your power to do so.

I used to be hopelessly out of shape, but now at 59, I am fit in both mind & body. I am also a certified life coach & certified personal trainer.

I am on a mission to empower women midlife + to transform their lives through personal fitness: mind & body.

Schedule a free fitness consult with me to see how I can help you be empowered for fitness success!