: Time & Money Coach for Veterinary Professionals

Expert Overview

I help aspiring professionals seeking to improve their time efficiency, master their finances, and realize their dreams...including more time for themselves.  As a veterinarian, I understand the passionate, driven mind and use this knowledge to help professionals transform themselves from good to great!

My candid style helps you gain focus on the mental root of the issues and transform your current thinking to build the life you've always wanted.

Work with Me

I get it...the hardest decision is the one when you decide you're ready to get help.  I tried counseling for years but got tired of focusing on my past failures.  I just wanted a roadmap to get me where I wanted to go!!

I can lead you to your roadmap.  We will focus on you and your wants.  Along the way, we'll focus on the two biggest currencies in life...time & money.  I will teach you how to master both of them so you can move forward to achieve whatever you desire in life.

It all starts HERE with a 30-minute consult.  It's just a conversation.  There is no obligation.  We're just talking to see if we are compatible...and you are READY!