Tiffany Eckhardt

: Midlife Coach

Coaching Philosophy

I help women stop wasting precious time upset about midlife, and start believing their best years are ahead.

I am a self-proclaimed Master of Reinvention, creating numerous business ventures in my fifty years.  I am no longer afraid of failure, but have learned to utilize it for the next adventure.

I challenge the notion that life goes down hill from here by helping my clients see this season is as a gift.  Together we answer the question, "What's next?"  The women I work with are stepping into life after retirement, empty nesters, improving relationships, reaching their ideal weight, discovering untapped energy, finding their dream man after divorce, launching new business, planning dream trips, etc.

Rise above your midlife BS and fall in love with life.

When not working, I am busy living the dream.  My current hobby is roller skating (nope not too old for it), but also love connecting with nature in my garden.  I have been an empty nester for nearly ten years.  Grandkids are my reward for raising two awesome humans.

Work with Me

If you are ready to rise above your own midlife BS, I'm here for you.

It sucks to think that life goes down hill from here, especially because it's not true.  Working with me will help you get past the BS faster so that you can start living your dream life.

I've created a clear path for you to discover what you truly want, identify where you may be stuck and then create a midlife map to start your journey!

If you hang around with me long enough, I will convince you that your best years are ahead.

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