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Tonya L Caylor, MD, FAAFP

: Academic Medicine Coach

Coaching Philosophy

I work with family physician residents and faculty to help them enjoy life and thrive in their chosen careers through a systematic program with critical tools and personalized coaching.

Burnout is real, and too many family physicians are miserable in their careers and wanting to leave after all the blood, sweat, tears, time, and money. System changes are beginning but will take time. I give physicians the tools they need early in their careers to decrease unnecessary suffering and maximize their time and energy so they can enjoy wholeness in integrating work and life now. By teaching them to take back their agency, I also help them approach the systems with clean mindsets to advocate for change in a way to be heard and choose their best paths forward. In addition to coaching residents, I am passionate that faculty need relief from burnout so they can fully engage and enjoy the impact they're making in future generations of medicine and model career and life fulfillment for their trainees.

Work with Me

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Whether you want individual coaching, group coaching, or hybrid coaching, you and your program will benefit. Options include:

  • 6-session individual course with short curricular foundational topics via recordings and live virtual one-to-one coaching.
  • 6-session group program with live short curricular foundational topics followed by group-coaching and AAFP Prescribed CME. (Add-on one-to-one coaching sessions available)
  • Individual one-to-one coaching packages are available for family medicine residents, early-career physicians, and faculty.
  • For continuity and ongoing growth, there is an exclusive membership offered to residents and early-career physicians who have participated in my programs.