Tricia Bolton

: Time Design Coach

Expert Overview

I help professional women manage their time so they can stop overworking and still feel successful without sacrificing their careers or well-being. I generally work with business owners, lawyers, health professionals, accountants, teachers, coaches, corporate leaders and anyone who takes pride in their work.

So many of us have big dreams with careers and businesses we love, but we feel stressed and overwhelmed by the amount of work we have to get through every day. There are never enough hours in our day, so we bring work home and then feel guilty about not being present with our loved ones.

We are busy, stressed and tired and have goals we want to achieve, but we don't have the time. We pride ourselves on doing a good job, but we don't have time to meet those standards. We keep trying new scheduling systems and planners, hoping that's the solution, but nothing changes. We are desperate to create some balance in our lives with work and our personal life, but we don't know how.

Using my Time Design Method©, you can discover where you're losing time unnecessarily and how to create time for what's important to you professionally and personally without feeling like you are sacrificing your career or self. Learn how to set big goals and achieve them by creating and designing time for the life you love.

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