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Veerle Van Laere

: Life Coach for People Pleasers and Perfectionists

Coaching Philosophy

  • Are you passionate in everything you do? Yet, it also feels like a struggle.
  • Do you want to doubt less and feel more confident?
  • Are you looking for more joy in your life? Both in your professional & personal life.

You're in the right place. I help you how to create your best life now.
Enjoy now, be happy now, feel better now.
From power, with love. For yourself & others.

Perfectionists or/and people pleasers, this one's for you!
Don't wait for everything to come together magically.
I help you to create your own magic with your own mind.

Work with Me

I offer a 3 month coaching program, all about you. So you:

  • have less stress, more mental peace
  • feel more powerful & confident
  • build more connection & feel more love
  • act with more focus in everything you do

In 12 weeks you learn this:
• See you, all about creating consciousness and action from your own power. About relationships, boundaries, saying 'no' and stay connected to yourself & others.
• Be you, all about your desires, your self image & your expectations. About knowing what you want and create it with self confidence.
• Live you, set yourself up for now and every next day. About taking all of the above and living it.

You'll go through a complete transformation.
No more masks, no more doubt, only 100% YOU.

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