Veerle Van Laere

: Life Coach for the Ambitious Woman

Expert Overview

I help you to stop hustling between being a mom, your career and all the life shizzle in between.

Quite the weekend-to-weekend-struggle.

I help you to become a Life Owner, so you can life your live fully, with self confidence.

Both in your professional & personal life.

In the Life Owner Academy, I teach you in 5 steps the skills you need to become the owner of your life.

Own your life and enjoy it, while being a mom with a career.

Work with Me

I offer a 4 month program, including online 1:1 coaching and online training.

These are the 5 steps we take:

1.Think like a Life Owner
2. Show up in your relations as a Life Owner
3. Set your purpose
4. Design your life
5. Live fully as a Life Owner

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