Vianey Duggins

: Intermittent Fasting & Emotional Ownership Coach

Expert Overview

I teach women that practice Intermittent fasting to be responsible for their feelings.

Work with Me

I work with women who are already practicing Intermittent fasting but still struggle with their feelings

I teach them that Intermittent fasting is not only about the way we eat but it is mostly about the way we allow our brains to think and our body to feel

That is how Intermittent fasting + emotional ownership  creates a solid foundation for  taking the necessary actions to honor our  eating plan

When you work with me you will  learn what has caused you to struggle with Intermittent fasting,  why you think as eating as a relapse or sin, why we allow people to think that we are torturing ourself with this way of eating and how to change all of those and enjoy the  path of self love and care.