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Vivian Frost

: Life Coach

Coaching Philosophy

As a life coach and feng shui practitioner, I help people create their home and office environments for better health, better opportunities, and more prosperity so that they can move forward in their lives from a place of calm, peace, and clarity. My philosophy is that just as we look at the rooms in our homes, we also need to look at the rooms in our minds. There is a direct correlation between the two. Our environment mirrors where we are internally and what we are thinking and feeling. They are interconnected, and you can't change one without looking at the other. As a practicing feng shui consultant for many years, I can usually clearly see where the issues are with my clients and create a customized and methodical way of tackling their issues.

Work with Me

I work with my clients in 3-month increments. Once I know what it is you are trying to change in your life, we take a look at those areas in your home that reflect that part of your life. In feng shui, there is something called the Bagua. Each section of the Bagua represents a life aspiration. I show you what is working for or against you in your space and how to energetically change it. The mindset/coaching aspect for my client is so that when changes are made in their home, they have a clear intention of what they want their outcome to be. Supporting them with coaching by assisting them in their desired outcome.