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Wendy Schofer, MD

: Life & Weight Coach for Parents of Overweight Kids

Coaching Philosophy

I help parents of overweight kids build a healthy, whole family. Unlike other pediatricians, I don’t focus upon the individual child’s weight, BMI and struggles. The Family in Focus program empowers parents to become the role model for creating healthy habits for themselves and their children so lifelong health becomes a family affair, no matter the number on the scale.

Here's the thing: It's not about the weight. And it's sure not about focusing on "fixing" your child. They are not broken, and neither are you. Your own weight, diet history & body image do not define your ability to help your children, and you have not failed as a parent. In fact, no one is better suited than you to help your child.

You are not alone on this journey. Join us in our group coaching program, where transformations occur in a supportive community.

There are three pillars to my coaching:

  • The Family in Focus program: I work with parents who are struggling with being overweight for themselves and their children. I empower them to become the role model for health at home by creating a customized plan for the family that cultivates confidence, compassion and flexibility for real life.
  • As a weight loss coach, I work with physicians who want to better support their patients on their weight loss journey. We explore your own medical training and biases, body image and weight concerns.
  • As a physician-coach, I also work with physicians who are just tired of trying to survive the clinical day. My coaching mojo is time management, becoming a charting ninja (done so quickly you never knew the chart was there!), designing your lifestyle, work-life balance, addressing burnout and moving from surviving to truly thriving at work and at home.

Work with Me

I look forward to working with you:

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