Wendy Schofer, MD

: The Weight Coach for Your Whole Family

Expert Overview

Do you worry about your kids' weight? Have they been diagnosed with overweight or obesity and you're wondering where to start helping? Are you worried that their eating habits will lead to overweight? Are you afraid of the health consequences of being overweight?

Do you wonder if you can really help your child if you've struggled with your own weight and diets your whole life? Or, have you never struggled and now don't know where you've gone wrong with the kids? And how can you help without causing disordered eating?

You are not alone.

I understand. I was in your shoes. And it's all changed, because I changed.

As the Weight Coach for Your Whole Family, I help parents worried about weight build a healthy, whole family.

How? The answer is not in a diet, exercise or meal plan. It's not in focusing on the weight, the food, or even the child. The child doesn't have to change! The answer is in creating healthier relationships with our food, our bodies and our family. That starts with us, the parent.

Sound boring? Blah - "healthy"?


Family in Focus helps you create the habits for a lifelong healthy weight and relationships that are actually easy and fun! (Spoiler: because that's the only way it's going to be a lifelong change, and the only reason that I do anything -- it's gotta be fun!).

I am the pediatrician-coach who specializes in helping parents change the way we look at overweight. It's not about the weight. And it's sure not about "fixing" your child. They are not broken, and neither are you. Your own weight, diet history & body image do not define your ability to help your children, and you have not failed as a parent. In fact, no one is better suited than you to help your child.

You are not alone on this journey. Let's get started today.

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