"Feeling frustrated, anxious, worried or unsatisfied? Get Coached."

Whitney Wells

: The Relationship Coach for Successful Women

Coaching Philosophy

I coach smart and driven women who want to be happier and have healthier relationships with the people in their lives. I help you realize your power while letting go of what is keeping you in a state of unnecessary suffering. I help you control what you have control over, while freeing you from what is holding you back from being your happiest self and fully connecting with your partner.

  • Are you a smart and driven women who wants the same success in your personal relationships as you have with your career?
  • Do you like to have control in your life, but often feel powerless when it comes to your personal relationships?
  • Do you feel frustrated and helpless when it comes to your partner, and often think: "If only they would just change this one thing..."
  • Do you really care about your relationships but see them suffering?

If any of these are true for you, I can help!

Work with Me

I can help you have the same success in your personal relationships as you have in your career.

I am here to help you create connected, solid and happy relationships. I am here to show you that you don’t have to suffer unnecessarily. I am here to show you that you can go from powerless to empowered and be closer to your partner than ever before! When you apply these tools, your life can change exponentially.

You will go from feeling frustrated and powerless in your relationship to fully in control, empowered and happier. The best news is, your partner does not need to be involved in this process!

If you want to have a more connected, loving and fun-filled relationship, I am the coach for you!

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