Yvonne Cao

: Life and career coach for working moms

Expert Overview

When the pandemic hit, I thought I had it figured out. I had been working from home for years, surely this was going to be no different. Soon after, I felt completely drained, unable to distinguish work from personal life. I needed to get myself out of this situation for the sake of my family. So I turned to LCS. My LCS-trained coach taught me the skills to align my thoughts and emotions to fuel productive action, in service of the vision that I had for my life. Clear boundaries between work and personal life. Improved relationships with husband and kids. Stronger connections with friends. All while continue to kill it at work. That is what I will do for you - with compassion, non-judgment and curiosity.

Work with Me

Email me for a free consultation. I offer 1:1 coaching using a monthly subscription model. The first month is refundable if you're not satisfied and you have full control over the length of the coaching relationship. I am a native French speaker and coach in both English and French.