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Brooke Castillo

Monica Brewster Dillard

Ever since I discovered Brooke last summer, I've known she is my person. That awesomely powerful yet inspiring and nurturing force beckoning me forth to offer my very best self to the world. I cannot say enough about why the masterclass is the best and most important investment in myself to date. Being in a room with Brooke for six intensive days of both being coached and observing other be coached…watching and experiencing breakthrough after breakthrough has been a wondrous experience. I have witnessed people being set free from a lifetime of shame and pain. I've discovered within myself a wellspring of power within.

After years of self-doubt, I have the sure belief that I am enough just as I am, and I do have everything it takes and everything I need within me to create the life I dream of. Most importantly, she's given us the tools to use to get our thoughts on track when the inevitable twinge of doubt creeps in. The course was excellently structured, and I'm so appreciative of the workbook and exercises that I can refer to whenever I need them. If you want to be unshackled from any limiting beliefs and fully embrace your ridiculously amazing self, absolutely and without a doubt, make the investment in yourself and take the Self Coaching Masterclass. You'll be so very happy you did.