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Shanna Mills

I help women free themselves from a life they don’t love, in order to build the life of their dreams, no running away required.

  • Release limiting beliefs & fears
  • Redecide who you want to be & the life you desire
  • Reveal yourself to the world & have your own back
  • Revel in the life you create

Laura Jurgens

I help people over 40 reinvent their relationships with their erotic selves, their bodies, their pleasure, their emotions, and their partners. All genders and sexual orientations are supported in my practice.

Tina Nolan

Helping women in their 40’s create the life they’ve been dreaming of by overcoming self-doubt and fear from peer pressure and societal expectations.

Melanie Schaefermeyer

I help ordinary people create extraordinary results by offering simple strategies and insights that allow them to design a life they love.

Patrick Fox

What I do

I help men stop drinking alcohol.


I spent most of my adult life drinking, taking drugs and not taking responsibility for myself, my actions or my future.

Some might say that sounds like fun.

Well, what started out as harmless fun (mostly), gradually became a dependence on drinking, not only to escape life challenges but to also have fun in life.

Bit of a double bind you might say.

The last time I woke up hungover, I realised I had become the father I’d always promised myself I wouldn’t be.

Distracted, resentful and prioritising my life around alcohol.

Something had to change.

That day I made a decision to stop drinking for a year. Within months I knew what was true for me. A life without alcohol was far greater than one with it.

I got clear on WHY I had to make this change in my life no matter what.

I stopped drinking because I wanted to be a positive role model to my children.

I wanted to break the chain of generational alcoholism of males in my family.

I wanted to do more, be more, and feel more, because I knew it was possible but alcohol was holding me back.

Why I Work With Men

I work with men because I see how hard it can be for guys to ask for help, to admit they need support. Especially when our identity (ego) is under threat.

The conditioning I received growing up around being a man was to just get on with it, man up and that crying was weak.

This led to me thinking I had to deal with things on my own, to not show any vulnerability…. for my very manliness was at stake.

I repressed and denied any emotion with alcohol or so I thought.

The trouble with repressing how you feel is that emotions are like water, they always find a way out and not in the way you want.

I want to show men that they’re not alone and that the habit of drinking means f*ck all about who they are as a person.

We’re at an amazing place in evolution where we can change the narrative of what it means to be a man in this world.

We can have a positive impact on future generations of men by embracing our vulnerabilities, understanding our emotions are what make us human and giving ourselves the love and acceptance we always wanted.

The How

Together we work on creating a life where you are no longer making decisions based on whether you can have a drink or not.

We uncover and unlearn all of the beliefs, rules and associations you have created around alcohol and why you think you need it.

By focusing on all that sobriety has to offer, instead of focusing on what you think you’ll be missing out on.

We’ll create awareness around your thinking and how powerfully it can change your life.

You’ll learn how to be present with your body and your emotions. You’ll learn how to respond vs reacting to life’s events. You’ll discover the truth about alcohol and its effects on you.

By developing a relationship with yourself that is so solid that you can do f*cking anything in this world.

The Result

– More time, money and energy
– Better relationships with yourself, your partner and your family
– Improved health, sleep and skin
– Less anxiety, self-loathing and resentment
– Increased self-esteem, discipline and purpose

These are just the results of what stopping drinking looks like.

You’ll also learn how to manage your own mind, how to overcome your primitive brain’s desire for survival and pleasure. You’ll know what your values are and how you can live by them and so much more…

“Every ending is the beginning of something else” – Marc Chernoff

What do you want your something else to be? ….. it’s waiting for you.

We only get one ride of this thing called life, I want yours to be one you look back on and feel f*cking proud of how you’ve shown up in this world.

Monette Van Lith

I help parents develop a parenting framework to align their individual parenting styles and strengths so that they can work together as a team. I coach individual parents to tap into their inner wisdom to be the parent they want to be. I coach young people to build self-confidence, develop life and social skills, deal with stress, emotions and difficult relationships and find purpose and direction.

Merced Fityan

Stop trading your time for money. Time is the most precious resource we have. I’m passionate about helping others live their dream life through financial freedom. I want to help you live a life you design with the freedom to pursue your passions and interests and stop trading your time for money. My life’s mission is to help people achieve their dreams and find their purpose as a way to reach self-actualization. I help you focus on finding your “why” (purpose) then support you with a custom plan, tools, and tactics to empower you make your dream life a reality. I believe when we have freedom from financial concerns many people turn to doing work that ends up contributing to society through creating art, innovation, volunteering or fostering community. People will contribute because they are doing work they love that they find fulfilling and it drives them.

Stacy Bahnsen

I help women over 50 create a fulfilling life they look forward to every day without the fear that its too late.

You can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore before you decide to be happy.

Leah DeSantis

I’ll help you find your FUCK YES calling in life and become who you’re meant to be. 

Go from feeling unfulfilled to excited to get up for work each day.

From doing meaningless work to feeling like your work matters.

From making a living and getting by to creating wealth for yourself.

This won’t be your typical ‘career counselor’ experience. Do you want to find your capital (P), Purpose?! This takes deep inner knowing that happens through healing past wounds and getting into alignment with your core values and desires. You won’t find this through personality/strength/career tests alone (as I’m sure you’ve concluded).  We need to find your TRUE self (separate from socialization, negative self-beliefs, and ego defenses).

This is for you if you:

  • Don’t want just another career, but a life calling.
  • Don’t want to just find a well-paying job you don’t hate.
  • Feel unexpressed and drained in your current career (and/or life in general)
  • Aren’t aligned with who you imagine your ideal self to be
  • Hide parts of yourself and/or think something might be inherently off, bad or shameful about you.
  • Want to feel fully aligned, authentic, naturally driven, and lit up.
  • Want to change careers but don’t know what to do.
  • Have almost given up on the “magic” in life.
  • Might struggle with: shame, perfectionism, overthinking/confusion, identity, procrastination, insecurity, melancholy, lack self-trust, self-confidence, or self-worth.

Lisa Candera

I teach moms raising kids with Autism how to manage their minds, regulate their emotions and self-soothe their nervous systems using cognitive behavioral tools, a nervous system informed approach and my real-life, in the trenches, experiences as a full time single mother raising a teenager with Autism and other co-morbid diagnoses.

Kathryn Morrison

Kathryn helps spiritual entrepreneurs grow to multiple six figures using intuition, mindset, and strategy. She blends mastery of the Model with somatics and energy tools to engage with clients holistically– mind-body-soul.

Her foundational program, the Brand Alchemy Accelerator is the path to creating a Brand that both stops the scroll and has ideal clients coming to sales calls looking to hire you specifically, not someone who “does that thing you do.” Many Accelerator clients decide to continue working with Kathryn in her Mastermind, which blends the highest level mindset work and razor sharp business precision while constantly expanding creativity, pleasure, and intuitive receptivity.

Shannan Christiansen

I work with women to help them live their best lives in a body they love.

I used to weigh 315 pounds and was on the diet roller coaster for almost 38 years.
I thought that weight was always going to be my struggle until it wasn’t.
I did every diet even weight loss surgery and still gained the weight back.

You are a woman who is busy, successful, done all the diets, and fed up with feeling this way about your body.

You are ready to learn how to get off the diet roller coaster for good.

I know that you don’t have a lot of time and you are so tired of thinking about weight loss and what new or old diet to try next.

I teach women how to lose weight for the last time by learning how to change their mindset with simple and easy techniques.