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Camille Gaudin

I help female entrepreneurs to overcome limiting beliefs and take action.

I assist them in breaking out of autopilot/self-sabotage mode and utilizing the full power of their brains to achieve their goals.

My job is to help my clients develop their businesses.

My mission is to empower these amazing women to take control of their lives by taking control of their brains.

Barb Hatfield

As our child grows, it seems like parenting gets harder – it doesn’t have to.   I help parents make the transition necessary for raising their emerging adult.
It’s not just our child that is evolving.  A change in the way we parent is needed too as our child gets older and we prepare to launch them into the world.

Sometimes it’s just not possible to discuss your struggles with friends or family.   Coaching with me will provide 3 things – (1) a place to completely unload all your struggles and speak openly and honestly without any fear of judgment; (2) sort out the drama from the facts so you know exactly what needs to change; (3) learn how to take your parenting to the next level and build a lasting relationship with your child.

Let your transformation begin. The first step to change is just a phone call away.



Ellen Argo

I believe that life is meant to be fun. That we all get into business, because we have a dream about the freedom and fun we will have in the outcome. So many of us get lost in the identity of owning a business, and the regularity of the “grind”.

I believe we can all create a beautiful future, while having fun when we have the right tools that support ourselves, our dreams, our values, and our team.

I believe that we don’t have to be serious, and strictly business in the business world to have an amazing outcome.

I believe that when we support our brains, we can allow ourselves to create the same outcome, with less exhaustion and way more fun, because we supported ourselves with our resources and coached ourselves along the way.

Hadley Lewno

From the outside, it looks like you have built yourself an exquisitely beautiful life. AND you are not loving it. Far from it. You are nearing burnout, and are exhausted from endlessly trying to make your clients or partner or kids happy. I hear you, and I can help. I believe YOU have your answers.  Work with me and I’ll teach you skills so that you can actually hear them.  With the specific skills I teach, you will learn to show up and move your life in ways that are deeply satisfying, specifically to YOU.

Crystal Thompson

I help female entrepreneurs lose weight permanently

You’re not overweight because you don’t have enough willpower or motivation. You’re also not overweight because you don’t know enough about diets and working out.

You’re overweight because you regularly eat more than your body requires.  Now.  Your brain might kick up a bit of fuss at that statement, but only because you think it’s bad news.

This statement is very good news because you get to narrow your weight-loss focus.  You can stop wasting time and energy looking for the perfect diet and exercise plan.  You can get to the real root of the weight: WHY you’re overeating.

Once you understand the root cause of overeating, you can fix it.  This is 100% possible for you.  I know because I’ve done it.

I dieted for 27 years with zero lasting results.  When I understood why I was overeating and figured out how to stop, I lost 25 pounds.  That was 7 years ago.

Since then I’ve taught women what the diet industry cannot teach us: how to overcome overeating so that they lose weight permanently.

Imagine how much easier it will be to lose weight when you:

  • No longer struggle with overeating
  • Stop starting over on Monday
  • Quit trying to solve the problem with another diet

I will teach you how to overcome overeating and coach you to your goal weight.

Bonnie Wiscombe

I teach stay-at-home moms of faith how to stop using their family as an excuse and instead create the business of their dreams. Let me help you step out of the shadows of your own life and honor God by making your mark on the world.

Kelsey Sorenson

I help teachers and homeschool parents live their best lives by providing time-saving resources and the mindset tools they need to thrive. As a former elementary teacher and current homeschool parent, I understand what it’s like to wear the hats of multiple roles, such as wife, teacher, mommy, and so many more. As we work together, you will unlock your full potential in all of those roles- while still taking care of yourself- by bringing awareness to your mind.

Lesley Martin

Lesley helps high achievers who’ve been through adversity create more authentic, joyful and fulfilling lives. As someone who has overcome a lot of adversity already in your life, you’re in a good place now. You’re stable, settled and have a pretty good life. There’s definitely a sense of safety in the status quo, now that things have calmed down and you’re on the other side of the turmoil. You have a sense there’s more on the horizon for you, that you could do something really amazing with your life, but all your self-doubt and old fears resurface and you retreat back into the security of the comfortable life you’ve curated for yourself. You try to convince yourself you have a good enough life, you shouldn’t want more. That stepping out into the light is risky and you might be judged, or get hurt, or fail. But what if you fly? I work with you to transcend your past and all the ways it has defined you, even up to your current circumstances, and increase your willingness to step into possibility so that you can truly embody a version of yourself beyond your imaginings. LFG!


Andrea Bussard

With over 18 years in a customer facing service role, I’ve learned it’s a reactionary profession where we’re made to soak in judgments and opinions of others constantly. Growing up with my dad as a motivational speaker, this work has changed my life, and I’m looking to change yours by continuing his legacy. I teach my clients to ditch the anxiety and overwhelm so they can feel better at work today. I help restaurant industry leaders stop overdrinking and overeating, without sacrificing the relationship with themselves and others.

Ashley R. Wright

Dear Black Woman, you’re ready to show up in all your light and glory– but you’re hesitant. You’re scared. Doubt makes more decisions for you than a little bit & hunniii, it’s time for you to get over yourself!

I give Black women the space they need to redeem the time they’ve lost because they didn’t think they were good, worthy, or ready enough. I help you identify and overcome limiting beliefs so you can thrive and create a life you look forward to daily!

With journaling as an optional supportive tool, you’ll embrace emotion, tell your story your way, and write your way to freedom. It’s time for you to own your story and let it work in your favor. We’ll identify your life’s desires and work through how you’re getting in your own way love – It’s time for you to shine and thrive!

Brenda Bloczynski

I work with people who know that there’s greatness inside of them but don’t know how to access it on their own. I will help you manage your mind so you can get rid of your limiting beliefs, and so you can create the business and life you want.

My clients turn their goals and dreams into reality by becoming aware of their own potential. We work through group sessions or private coaching, I provide the tools needed to access your inner wisdom, and together we work on the areas of your life and business that need it the most.

Shannon Borg

I help creative entrepreneurs build beautiful websites that are an extension of their creative selves and are simple to maintain. I help you make friends with technology and gain the confidence to successfully use your website to get clients and create a business you love – as much as you love coaching.