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Debbie Sassen

I help midlife women in business make more money and build wealth, without burning out or sacrificing their families.

Too many women (and a few men) never learned how to understand money, earn abundantly, and manage their finances to build wealth. They feel belittled and diminished by professionals in the financial industry.

It’s time we changed that narrative! No woman should have to dim her light and brilliance to create wealth for herself and her family. When we own our wealth and take responsibility for it, we give other people permission to shine their brilliance brightly, too.

Jenny Hillger

I help women in midlife overcome limiting self-beliefs so they can lose weight naturally and permanently without dieting.

I show them it’s possible to change their relationship with food, with eating, and ultimately with themselves.

It’s about overcoming lifelong eating, dieting, and weight struggles.

Hope Seidel, MD

I help parents develop confidence in their parenting, reduce their overwhelm, and create an intentional connection with their children.

Dr. Ana Blake

Feeling like the daily grind has taken the joy out of working in medicine? Feeling endless pressure to be the best at everything for everyone? Feeling utterly exhausted at the end of your day or waking up with dread before your clinic? I have been there! My proven process helps female doctors beat burnout, overcome impostor syndrome, and say goodbye to perfectionism to finally love the lives they’ve worked hard for.

Gina Conover

I help single moms rebuild their life after divorce with confidence.

Claire Hodge

I help Beauty Industry Professionals earn more money without losing their minds. Want to grow your business but afraid to sacrifice your work-life balance? Ready to level-up but confused on where to start? I help you create clarity around ALL of it, so you can take effective actions now and create the career you signed up for.

Cali Pope

I am an empowerment coach for parents whose child has been diagnosed with anxiety, depression or bipolar. Together we’ll shatter shame, bridge the gap, and rally our inner warrior. I’ll take you from exhausted to empowered.

Laura O’Hagan

Laura helps Coaches sell out their services on repeat, grow to 6 figures and scale without stress or overwhelm so they can have the business of their dreams and a life that goes along with it.

Nina Frusztajer, MD, MS

I draw on my medical knowledge, nutrition training, yoga certification, and the skills I’ve applied to my own life as a full-time single mom juggling a busy career as a life coach. My passion is working with successful individuals who want to optimize their well-being, live authentically, and make decisions from a place of confidence and compassion.

I love helping my clients create deeper & more loving relationships, embrace what’s meaningful, and infuse greater clarity, creativity, and joy into their lives.

Megan Thomas

I help homeschool moms create amazing relationships with their kids, and a strong family culture, so they can teach their kids anything.

Caroline Gay

I help healthcare leaders take control of their career by eliminating overwhelm and frustration.

Sarah Townley

Everyone with Type 2 diabetes deserves the option of controlling their disease without medications.  I help people reverse Type 2 diabetes by addressing the cause of the disease, so that they can avoid a lifetime of getting sicker and feeling worse.  My background as a clinical pharmacist in primary care combined with life coaching offers both the physical and mental solutions to permanently solve Type 2 diabetes.